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"Star Trek Movie Trading Cards"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2009 $8.00 Yes
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 01 - 81 $0.15 Most
Star Trek Movie Stars   (1:6) SO1 - SO9 $2.00 Some
Ritterhouse Rewards Exclusive Star Trek Movie Stars S10   None
Behind the Scenes   (1:9) B1 - B6 $2.00 Most
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701   (1:9) E1 - E6 $2.00 Most
Autograph   ---   (1:24)
 --- J.J. Abrams Autograph None
 --- Alex Kurtzman Autograph None
 --- Roberto Orci Autograph None
 --- Chris Pine Autograph None
 --- Eric Bana Autograph None
 --- John Cho Autograph None
 --- Bruce Greenwood Autograph None
 --- Jacob Kogan Autograph None
 --- Simon Pegg Autograph None
 --- Zachary Quinto Autograph None
 --- Zoe Saldana Autograph None
 --- Karl Urban Autograph None
 --- Karl Urban Autograph None
 --- Chris Hemsworth Autograph None
 --- Faran Tahir Autograph None
Costume   ---   (1:24)
 --- Chris Pine as Kirk CC1 None
 --- Zachary Quinto as Spock CC2 None
 --- Zoe Saldana as Uhura CC3 None
 --- John Cho as Sulu CC4 None
 --- Anton Yelchin as Chekov CC5 None
 --- Leonard Nimoy as Spock CC6 None
 --- Karl Urban as Bones CC7 None
 --- Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike CC8 None
 --- Eric Bana as Nero CC9 None
 --- male cadet CC10 None
 --- female cadet CC11 None
Case Topper Kirk Poster $15.00 None
Case Topper Spock Poster $15.00 None
3-Case Secure Order Attache RC1   None
6-Case Starfleet Cadet Badge RC2 None
6-Case Command Starfleet Badge RC3 None
6-Case Command Engineering Badge RC3 None
6-Case Command Medical Badge RC3 None
6-Case Command Science Badge RC3 None
Archive Box     None
Card Binder     None
Promo   (Spring Philly Non-Sport) CP1 $8.00 None
Promo P1 $2.00 None
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) P2 $2.00 Yes
Promo   (binder exclusive) P3 $8.00 None
Special Card Set Promo PP1 - PP20   None
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 02/08/2018