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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Two Premium Trading Cards"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Inkworks 1999 $20.00 All
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (7 per pack) 1 - 72 $0.20 Yes
Dark Destiny Puzzle   (1:11) d1 - d9 $5.00 Some
Dark Destiny Uncut Sheet   (1:999) $70.00 None
Love Bites   (1:18) B1 - B6 $6.00 Some
How To Lose Your Soul   (1:108) 1 $16.00 None
Charisma Carpenter Autograph A5 None
Anthony Stewart Head Autograph A6 None
John Ritter Autograph A7 None
Robia LaMorte Autograph A8 None
Bianca Lawson Autograph A9 None
Box Topper   (1:36) BL2 $2.00 Yes
Promo BP1 $2.00 None
Promo BP2 $2.00 None
Wrapper $0.25 Yes

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Updated 02/05/2018