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Customer Testimonials

I purchased the ***** from you this week and received the item yesterday afternoon.  The item exceeded my expectations!  It is in immaculate condition!  Sometimes in eBay listings, as I'm sure you know, you have to take "Like New" with a grain of salt, especially given the age of this particular item.  What is more, I want to give a special thank you to the care you took when packaging the item. This is also a thing that you can never tell when buy comics and graphic novels, but I have no complaints.  You ensured that the item would not get bumped around too much in shipping.  Thank you so much for ensuring my item came to me quickly and in perfect condition.

Joseph H. of Texas, April 2021

Received card today...arrived safe and sound, very nice card... thanks for all your efforts...!

Russ P. of Maine, May 2019

Received the books today with no issues -- both are perfect copies for me, and the grading, as usual, is spot-on.  Thanks again!

Mike S. of Maryland, June 2018

Thank you.  I'm happy with and appreciate all that I've bought from you guys.  I will most certainly be back!

Debra H. of Texas, April 2017

I received the card yesterday.  Everything was great.  Hope to do business again in the future.  Thanks!

David F. of Louisiana, May 2016

Just received the cards today.  Very pleased.  Thank you for providing XLNT communication and a pleasant transaction.  Regards!

Ernest C. of California, July 2015

Received my order today.  Your grading was very fair.  I'm happy with the purchase and communication.  Bookmarking your site :)

Tim J. of Indiana, Feb 2015

I wanted to take a moment and pass along my thanks for running a great comic shop.  I've been a customer for about 12 years, and the selection of back issues is top notch!  The store is organized, neat and clean, and that is much appreciated.  You and Shawn are always friendly and courteous, and ready to help with any questions.  Thanks again, and here's to another 26 years!

Jim S. of Ohio, May 2013

I just needed to let you know that I got the cards.  Thank you so much!  (P.S. BTW - Excellent Packing Job!).

Sean F. of Canada, April, 2012

I received the card today.  It's very cool!  Looks great in my collection.  Thanks again for the card and the great service!

Joe N. of Pennsylvania, March, 2012

Just thought I'd let you know that I received the cards you sent out a little while back to me.  Thanks for helping me complete two sets of cards!  :)  Very satisfied on the packing, price and service!

Newton L. of Canada, November, 2010

I would like you inform you that the shipment arrived yesterday, here in Brazil in perfect condition.  The cards arrived in accordance with the state you mentioned.  Thank you very much and hope to buy with you again soon.

Ruy P. of Brazil, February 2010

Hi John:  I received the card set today.  Great set, fast delivery. thanks for another great deal!

Mike S. of West Virginia, January 2010

Just wanted to say thank you!  You did such a wonderful job of packaging it, and the hand signed note was nice too, don't see too many of those nowadays!

Carmen H. of California, May 2009

Wow!  Had been lucky again with those comics I wanted.  Always appreciate your good service and generosity.  Many thanks indeed!

Hassan S. of Singapore, June 2008

Are their any comic shop awards that you know of?  If so, I would definitely nominate you guys for most helpful, best delivery, and great service.  You have honestly made my collecting a lot easier.  I wish I lived closer so that I could visit the store itself.  You guys rock!  Thanks again.

Tim T. of Maryland, July 2006

I just wanted to let you know that I received the promo cards yesterday in the mail, and they look fabulous!  You do an incredible job of packaging them!  I was so impressed!  Thank you so much for making the transaction so easy and shipping them out so quickly!  I really appreciate it!

Diara D. of North Carolina, October 2005

I recently ordered--and have now received--the ... trade paperback, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how happy I am with the whole transaction:  the prompt emails, the fast delivery, and the quality of the book!  Bravo!!  Don't be surprised if I come calling again!!

Jon R. of Wisconsin, April 2005

I recently the order, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product that you sent.  I have made orders from other sources previously, and while what they sent was in good condition, you sent a mint condition for the same price.  My only regret is that I didn't find your services sooner.  Thank you.

Brian E. of Nevada, March 2005

I just received the cards today.  They were packaged well and no damage during shipping.  All cards accounted for and in great shape.  Thank you very much and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Jacob R. of New York, February 2005

Received the ... at the beginning of the week in fine condition.  I've NEVER had a magazine packaged so well!  Your customer service and prompt replies to e-mails are above and beyond the norm these days.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I'll definitely be back!

Darla M. of Virginia, July 2004

I just wanted to thank you (once again) for your wonderful service.  It's amazing how often your site's inventory pages turn up when I'm searching online for a hard to find item.  Given the rarity of some of these books you should be doubly commended for your prices, which are always reasonable (and which for me have always been cover price).  That's a pleasant fact in comparison with other sites that can verge upon charging scalper's prices.  Even more amazing than that is how willing you are to cater to your customers.  When I emailed you a question about a book, not only did you read my message closely enough to know that I had asked a question (hey, it sounds silly but it's a big deal given my past experiences with other comic book store sites) but I'm pretty sure you also actually walked back into the stacks and looked at the book in order to answer it.  All without sounding put upon or annoyed, or even as though you expected a guaranteed order in return for your trouble.  On both occasions when I have ordered something, your service has been prompt, your packaging methods have been EXCELLENT, and the books have all been in perfect condition.  Kenmore Komics is definitely on my short list, and I just wanted you and everyone else to know that I appreciated the effort you put into taking care of your customers.

Thanks again!

Nathan S. of Oklahoma, June 2004

I wrote this email to let you know that I have received the cards in perfect condition, and that I want to thank you the great service that was given to me.

Luis P. of Spain, April 2004

I just wanted to say I got the comic book in today, and it looks great.  This means a lot to me  because this is the only issue from that series that I have never been able to locate, and you got it to me cheap, fast, and in perfect condition.  I just wanted to say thanks a lot, I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends for all their comic book fixes.  Thanks for the top notch quality shipping!

Andrew N. of Missouri, February 2004

I am just blown away by the professionalism and helpfulness of your service.  You always replied to emails promptly and continued an informative stream of communication throughout our transaction-letting me know when you got my money, letting me know when things were shipped.  Lastly, I am just delighted with the product.  Your packaging was carefully and neatly done. My little boy is going to love these cards.  Thank you so much.  It has been a pleasure doing business with your company!

Vieven M. of Texas, August 2003

Thanks for a really great item, which arrived today.  My son is really thrilled, especially the condition.  Thanks also for agreeing to ship to UK.  I hope we can do business again sometime.

 Frank M. of United Kingdom, August 2003

Received my order Thursday, July 3, and I must agree with the testimonials I've read on your website - the care you guys use in packaging each order is first rate!  And your slogan "The Search...Is Over" is right on the money.  I had been looking for this particular issue for a little over seven years, and now my collection is complete.  And the "Near Mint" description sure looked like Grade-A "Mint" to me.  Thanks again.  I'll be sure to recommend your store to anyone looking for that elusive "Holy Grail" they've been looking for.

Doug N. of Missouri, July 2003

Thank you VERY much for your service.  I received my order today and I must say that I am impressed with packaging, shipping, customer care, eg your services.  Thanks again!

 Daniel A. of Sweden, June 2003

Hello again and thank you for shipping out the stickers immediately and at no cost.  I've bought from a dozen or so online sites and about 60 different ebay sellers and without question your operation is the best - especially your packaging.  Just thought you should know.

Tom M. of Illinois, May 2003

Thank you for your excellent service and a special big thank you for going out your way to obtain the missing comic.  You are a one of a kind Dealer and I wish there were more people like you in the UK.

 Ian F. of United Kingdom, April 2003

I received my order today and was very pleased.  Plan to order from you again in the future.

Don P. of Indiana, March 2003

Just wanted to let you know that I received my books today.  I was very impressed with your great service, fast delivery, and excellent prices!  I hope to do business with you again in the near term.

Christopher B. of Rhode Island, February 2003

Comics arrived today.  I'm really happy with them and now have a complete collection of the series.  I look forward to more dealings and will recommend you to a collector over here who needs to learn that there is life beyond Mile High Comics!  Keep up the good work.

Terry W. of New Zealand, January 2003

Just received them...thanks for the great service.  And I must say, the comics are in fantastic shape, better than I am used to when I buy sight unseen.  I will be back.

Scott B. of Texas,  January 2003

I just got my package in the mail today.  Since this is the first time I've ordered with you, please let me share some insights.  Your turnaround time with an order is fantastic.  I was very happy with the shipping schedule.  The packaging was great, no damage whatsoever.  Also, whoever grades your books does an impeccable job with it.  It's nice to know that someone else pays that much attention to it.  Last but certainly not least, your prices are very very reasonable.  All in all I am extremely happy with my order and will be giving you more business in the future.

Greg G. of Utah,  November, 2002

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